We believe a systemic approach is fundamental to creating lasting, radical change. So we get under the skin of your organisation or network, exploring everything from decision-making and ownership, to purpose and brand, to your role in the wider eco-system.

Our approach

All too often passionate people are held back by the strategies and systems they are bound to operate within. Our approach is to encourage adaptive, inclusive and diverse governance, ownership and decision making that build on mission and purpose, rather than inhibit it. This leads to creating strategies that are fit to tackle the complexity of modern-day social challenges; that lead people to collaborate and strengthen efforts to achieve social progress.

We provide practical support, tools and resources, working alongside you to come up with ways of doing things that actually work in the real world. We don’t do ‘off the shelf’ solutions, or ‘tick a box’ reviews. We prefer actions to reports. We like to roll our sleeves up and get involved, helping you to build robust strategies and enabling radical change that will make a lasting difference. And we won’t charge you the earth.

Our services

We offer a broad and growing suite of services to communities, networks, movements, corporates and institutions with a commitment to social change of all shapes and sizes. All our services are geared towards supporting you through growth and major change, and can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Practical governance

Organising to unleash social change. 

Creating and maintaining governance structures that align with your purpose and values, supporting you through formation or in your next phase of growth. 

- Structure and registration

- Decision-making and power sharing

- Value and purpose aligned policies 

- Positive risk taking

- Accountability

- Key stakeholder agreements (investors; boards; licence or partnership)

- Legal compliance

Practical culture

Developing the day to day cultures that underpin governance structures, policy and strategy.

Facilitating spaces which promote mutual accountability and the mind shifts required for collective and individual change using a range of practices and experiences.

- Organisational and relationship systems coaching

- Action learning & reflective practice

- Deep democracy

- Systemic thinking and coaching

Practical finance

Designing, implementing and managing simple and complex financial and operational strategies:

- Management information and financial reporting

- Statutory accounts

- Cash-flow forecasting / business modelling

- Investment or fundraising strategies.

- Back-office systems and processes

- People support and development

Practical narratives

Refining, realigning or creating from scratch narratives, visuals and approaches to telling your story that help land complex ideas, with the right people, clearly and effectively.

Engage your community, align your staff, attract great people and land your message

- Image, brand reviews 

- Storytelling & engagement strategies

- Creative & graphic design

- Campaign management

- Impact framing & reporting

- web design and publishing

Practical communities

Creating an all-round growth and engagement plan for organisations centred on community.

-  Building out and engaging with your community

- Establishing the ‘why’ for your community: what connects and galvanises

- Events facilitation and operational support

- Strategic partnerships to maximise opportunities for your members

Practical advocacy campaigning

Developing and implementing strategies, utilising a range of tactics, to build support amongst stakeholders and create a favourable policy or funding environment at the national, regional or local government level.

- Review of existing advocacy/influencing work

- Advocacy campaigning strategy and campaign action plan

- Building internal capacity and skills

- Campaign management

- Delivery of advocacy campaigning work

- Reporting and evaluating