We have a new name!

Today we start a new chapter in the Practical Governance story, as we rebrand to PG Collective!

The last few months have been incredibly exciting for us, as our Partnership has grown from two to six, and we’ve been working to broaden out our suite of services. Our mission and values remain unchanged and will always be central to our business, as we continue to fight systems and processes that all too often undermine positive social change.

So where did it all start? Practical Governance was co-founded by Bob Thust and Dave Boyle in 2017 as a response to predominant approaches to governance that seemed to serve only to consolidate power, widen inequalities and drive us towards unsustainable futures. Their vision was to support social entrepreneurs that were trying to challenge and reimagine those approaches. Fast forward to 2022 and following productive discussions around ambitions for the business, the decision was made to rebrand to PG Collective and become a Cooperative. Ethel Tambudzai, Christel Hawkins, Vicky Maltby, Sam Pettit and Lisa Clarke have joined Bob Thust as partners and Dave Boyle has stepped down, remaining actively involved as an Associate. We continue to work with a talented and growing network of collaborators, associates and friends who are fundamental to the future of our business. 

We strongly believe that our new brand name will help propel us into the next chapter of our story. We want to retain some of the brand association of Practical Governance, whilst adding the word ‘Collective’ to represent our cooperative enterprise and collaborative network. 

We continue to support clients, partners and collaborators from communities, networks, movements, organisations and institutions with a commitment to social change of all shapes and sizes. Working with brilliant, passionate and entrepreneurial people to do things differently, we’re excited to be able to offer a growing range of services from brand and culture, to finance and, of course, governance.