Partisan case study

Partisan is a small, Black-led Community Interest Company, born out of a pull from the community for accessible and culturally sensitive mental health and wellbeing support, and a push from traditional mental health systems which were not meeting the needs of our most marginalised, stigmatised and excluded communities.

It has been a privilege working with Partisan to support the development of their strategy for change, they are a diverse team of experienced mental health practitioners who are clearly passionate in their fight for equity, social and racial justice. Our work has entailed getting alongside senior leaders and staff groups and through small group discussions and workshops exploring the ‘help’ system they are part of to develop a strategy for change. We reflected on their unique role in the ecosystem, and through analysis and diagnostic work focused on how resources could be best used to gain leverage for change and with whom.

“Lisa was exceptional to work with, she went at our pace and scaffolded our learning to develop a strategy that moved us forward into our imagined future. She introduced us to lots of new ideas and frameworks, such as The 3 Horizons and Doughnut Economics that will influence the direction of the work beyond what we built together. She created a vibe and culture that allowed us to sit uncertainty and complexity whilst tackling big questions together. We loved her use of tools to shift our thinking such as deep democracy, walking, drawing and somatics.”